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Use and Care / - Page 1

Use and Care / Installation Guide Incogneeto Induction Warmer


Congratulations - Page 2

2 Congratulations Congratulations and welcome to the elite world of Viking Range, LLC product ownership. We hope you will enjoy and appreciate the care and attention we have put into every detail of your new, state-of-the-art induction warmer. Your induction warmer is designed to offer years of reliable performance. This Use and Care Manual will provide you with the information you need to become familiar with your units care and operation. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. If you have any questions or comments about this product, please contact the dealer from whom you purch..

This appliance shall not be used for space - Page 3

3 Warnings & Safety Instructions • Before beginning, please read these instructions completely and carefully. • DO NOT remove permanently affixed labels, warnings, or plates from the product. This may void the warranty. • Please observe all local and national codes and ordinances. • Please ensure that this product is properly grounded. • The installer must leave these instructions with the consumer who should retain for local inspector’s use and for future reference. • Installation must conform with local codes or, in the absence of codes, the National Electrical Code, ANS..

Save These Instructions for Future Reference - Page 4

4 Warnings & Safety Instructions IMPORTANT - Please read, follow, and save all instructions. ● Never immerse the cords, plugs, or appliance in water. ● Supervise carefully when appliance is used near children. Keep children away from appliance when in operation. ● Always unplug appliance immediately after use and allow for cooling time if handling, transporting, or storing. ● Do not use any appliance that has a damaged cord or plug, or one that has malfunctioned or been damaged. Consult the warranty and follow instructions for service. ● Do not use any accessories or attachmen..

Installation - Page 5

5 Installation Dimensions A 17-1/2” 4.5 cm B 4-1/2” 1.8 cm C 2-7/8” 7.4 cm D 2-1/4” 5.7 cm E 3-1/4” 8.3 cm F 1-3/16” 3.0 cm G 2-1/2” 6.3 cm H 3-13/16” 9.7 cm J 1” 2.5 cm Dimensions


Cutout Dimensions - Page 6

6 Installation Electrical Requirements The induction warmer must be properly grounded. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk of electric shock by providing a safe path for the electric current. The induction warmer has a power cord with a 3-prong grounding plug, which must be used in a compatible and properly grounded outlet. It is the owner’s responsibility to replace any 2-prong wall outlet with a properly grounded 3-prong wall receptacle. For your safety, never cut, remove, or disable the electrical (ground) connection from the plug. Never use an adapt..

Countertop Preparation - Page 7

7 Installation The Incogneeto™ can be used with natural stone or “engineered stone” (crushed stone and polymer resin composite). It is not recommended for use with “solid surfaces” (all polymer resin). Important Characteristics Of NATURAL Stone Stone is a natural material with random natural defects in any given piece. Cracking can occur due to these defects alone. Moreover, cracks can occur when pre-existing weak points are subjected to additional stresses or forces. Heat differentials that cause one portion of the stone to try to expand while other portions try to remain fixed, ..

Mounting the Unit - Page 8

8 Installation Mounting the Unit The square collar should be installed first using 1/2” (1.2 cm) screws. Make sure that it is perfectly square. The unit is mounted simply by snapping into the collar via four spring mounted “buttons”. The collar has holes pre-drilled on all four sides, but only two sides are required to support the unit. Install the unit with the “Antenna side” label on the same side you want the Magneeto TM II communication tab to located. Natural Stone or Engineered Stone Counter-top Natural Stone or Engineered Stone Counter-top Mounting frame or collar Look for ..

Mount units on Collar with Antenna Side on Guest Side. - Page 9

9 Installation In all cases, the Magneeto TM II wireless communicator tab must sit over the antenna side of the unit installed under the counter. The antenna runs the whole length of the unit, so that the Magneeto TM II can be used in the “6 o’clock” or “3 o’clock” positions. Side Top Mount units on Collar with Antenna Side on Guest Side. Magneeto TM II wireless communicator must be above the Antenna Side. Magneeto TM II can be used with the LED Indicator in the “3 o'clock” or “6 o'clock” position, but ideally in the “6 O'clock” position facing the servers and not th..

Using Your Induction Warmer - Page 10

10 Using Your Induction Warmer User Buttons Power button - Use this button to turn the unit on and off. A green LED will indicate when the unit is on. Lock button - Use this button to prevent users from adjusting settings. Pressing this button three times will lock the unit. When the unit is locked, the only button that will continue to work is the Power button. To unlock the unit, press the Lock button three times. The red LED to the right of the button will indicate when the unit is locked. Up and Down Arrows - These buttons allow you to quickly set the temperature. Alphanumeric display -..

Using Your Induction Warmer - Page 11

11 Using Your Induction Warmer Programming Magneeto TM II ● Starting with the unit off, hold the Down Arrow while pressing the Power button. ● The display will start with the text “CLR.” Use this to clear the tag (the unit will no longer enter auto mode). Otherwise, use the Up and Down Arrows to select a temperature. ● To set the tag, press the Lock Button twice. The display will read “TAG SET.” ● Repeat if necessary with other Magneeto™ IIs. Magneeto TM II Operation ● With the unit turned on, place Magneeto™ II on countertop in expected vicinity of unit (ribbed side d..

Using Your Induction Warmer - Page 12

12 Using Your Induction Warmer Setting the Timer The Incogneeto units are equipped with a timer alarm that can be set to alert the operator when a pan has been on the unit for a period of time up to 240 minutes (4 hours). To enable/disable the timer: ● Starting with the unit off, hold the Down Arrow while pressing the Power Button. ● Release the buttons when the display comes on. Use the Up and Down Arrows to toggle through the options until “t En” is shown on the display. Press the Lock Button once to select the enable option. ● Press the Up and Down arrows to toggle between the ..

Care and Maintenance - Page 13

13 Care and Maintenance Incongnito Induction warmer Unit Your induction warmer is easy to keep clean. Be sure to follow these easy instructions: ● Turn the unit OFF and remove the plug from any power outlets prior to cleaning. ● Never immerse the induction warmer in water or put in in the dishwasher. Cleaning: ● When needed, clean with a mild soap or detergent. ● Do not place in the dishwasher. Care and Cautions: ● The induction unit antenna is located in the back of the unit. The wireless communicator tab must be positioned over the antenna. ● Use the Magneeto™ II ONLY with I..

Troubleshooting - Page 14

14 Troubleshooting Symptom Probable Cause Possible Solution No power (No lights or fan noise) ● Unit unplugged ● No power to receptacle ● Plug unit into appropriate receptacle ● Make sure that receptacle is energized ● Check wall switches ● Check circuit breaker ● Plug a different electronic device into the receptacle to make sure that power is present Pan does not heat ● Pan is not induction efficient ● Pan not centered ● Use induction efficient pan ● Center pan Induction warmer suddenly stops heating ● Possible power brown out ● Circuit shared with another electr..

Service Information - Page 15

15 Service Information If service is required, call your dealer or authorized service agency. The name of the authorized service agency can be obtained from the dealer or distributor in your area. Have the following information readily available: • Model number • Serial number • Date purchased • Name of dealer from whom purchased Clearly describe the problem that you are having. If you are unable to obtain the name of an authorized service agency, or if you continue to have service problems, contact Viking Range at (888) 845-4641 or write to: VIKING RANGE, LLC PREFERRED SERVICE 111 ..

Warranty - Page 16

Warranty BUILT-IN INDUCTION WARMER WARRANTY ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY Built-in induction warmers and all of their component parts, except as detailed below*†, are warranted to be free from defective materials or workmanship in normal residential use for a period of one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase. Viking Range, LLC, warrantor, agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any part which fails or is found to be defective during the warranty period. *FULL NINETY (90) DAY COSMETIC WARRANTY : Product is warranted to be free from cosmetic defects in materials or workmanship (..

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