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Installation, Use and Maintenance - Page 1 ECP & ECN Extractors Installation, Use and Maintenance


Appliance information: - Page 2

2 Important The CDA Group Ltd cannot be held responsible for injuries or losses caused by incorrect use or installation of this product. Please note that CDA reserve the right to invalidate the guarantee supplied with this product following incorrect installation or misuse of the appliance or use in a commercial environment. This appliance is not designed to be used by people (including children) with reduced physical, sensorial or mental capacity, or who lack experience or knowledge about it, unless they have had supervision or instructions on how to use the appliance by someone who is res..


3 safety (LVD) and Electromagnetic interference compatibility (EMC). IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CORRECT DISPOSAL OF THE PRODUCT IN ACCORDANCE WITH EC DIRECTIVE 2012/19/EU. At the end of its working life, the product must be taken to a special local authority waste collection centre or to a dealer providing appliance recycling services. Disposing of a household appliance separately avoids possible negative consequences for the environment and health. It also enables the constituent materials to be recovered, saving both energy and resources. As a reminder of the need to dispose of household a..

• - Page 4

4 • This extractor has been designed to be used in a room with a volume of less than 36m±. • Steam cleaners must not be used when cleaning this appliance. • The performance of your extractor will vary depending on a number of factors. These include: type of extraction, length of ducting, room volume, ventilation available and cleanliness of the filters.


Using your Extractor - Page 5

5 Using your Extractor For best performance, you should switch on the extractor 15 minutes before starting to cook and leave it to run for approximately 15 minutes after the end of cooking. Control Panel A - Power off button B - Speed level buttons C - Light button To switch the extractor light on or off • Press button “C”. To switch on the extractor or to change the speed at any time when the extractor is running • Press the relevant “B” button for the first, second or third speed level as required. To switch the extractor off • Press the “A” button. Fig. 1 A B C


Care and Maintenance - Page 6

6 Care and Maintenance IMPORTANT : DO NOT PERFORM MAINTENANCE OR CLEANING OF THE EXTRACTOR WITHOUT FIRST SWITCHING OFF THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY. Cleaning You should use a nonabrasive cleaner. Any abrasive cleaner (including Cif) will scratch the surface and could erase the control panel markings. You can clean your extractor effectively by simply using a dilute solution of water and mild detergent and drying to a shine with a clean cloth, for example the CDA E-Cloth. Cleaning the grease filter The grease filter should be kept clean to minimise the risk of fire. At least once a month you s..

Please note: - Page 7

7 prevent damage from other items in the dishwasher. To remove the grease filter, push in the button on the handle and then pull down on the filter at the front as shown in figure 2. When you have released it at the front, then you can pull the filter out completely. After rinsing and drying, reassemble the grease filter to the hood by reversing the removal process. Please note: Cleaning the grease filter in the dishwasher may lead to discolouration. This is normal and does not constitute a fault with the appliance. Changing the charcoal filter (re-circulating only) To ensure best pe..

Mains Electricity Connection - Page 8

8 Mains Electricity Connection THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE MAINS SUPPLY BY A COMPETENT PERSON, USING FIXED WIRING VIA A DOUBLE POLE SWITCHED FUSE SPUR OUTLET AND PROTECTED BY A 3A FUSE. We recommend that the appliance is connected by a qualified electrician, who is a member of the N.I.C.E.I.C. and who will comply with the I.E.T. and local regulations. The wires in the mains lead of this appliance are coloured in accordance with the following code: Green & Yellow = Earth Blue = Neutral Brown = Live As the colours of the wires in the mains lead for the appliance may not corre..

9 - Page 9

9 Assembly and electrical connection should be carried out by specialised personnel. When installing this product we recommend you seek the help of another individual. DOUBLE POLE SWITCHED FUSED SPUR OUTLET USE A 3 AMP FUSE


Electrical Information - Page 10

10 Electrical Information Mains electrical voltage: 230 – 240Vac Total rated power consumption: 104W Troubleshooting Please note: Your extractor is equipped with a motor protection device that will switch off the motor to prevent damage from overheating. This may happen during cooking when most or all of the zones/burners are being used simultaneously, or if your extractor is installed incorrectly, lower than the recommended height. This is normal, and the extractor will work again once the motor has cooled sufficiently. If your extractor is not working: 1. Check that the mains supply ha..

Mounting your - Page 11

11 Mounting your Extractor When the extractor is to be installed above an electric hob, the minimum distance between the hob and extractor must exceed 600mm (650mm is recommended). When the extractor is to be installed above a gas hob, the minimum distance between the hob and extractor must exceed 700mm (750mm is recommended). If the instructions provided with your gas hob state that the required distance between the hob and extractor must be greater than 700mm, then that is the distance that should be observed; this is a legal requirement and may lead to your hob being disconnected from th..

Installation - Page 12

12 IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY INSTRUCTIONS SUPPLIED WITH THE GAS HOB, THE MINIMUM DISTANCE BETWEEN THE HOB AND EXTRACTOR MUST BE AT LEAST 760mm. The width of any hob must not be greater than the width of the extractor installed above it. Installation The metal casing of this appliance has been coated with a preservative to protect it during transport and storage. This should be removed during installation by using a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner. Always follow the instructions given with the cleaner being used. Ducting and Ventilation For best performance and lowest noise output, we recom..

13 - Page 13

13 Fig. 5 Fig. 7 Fig. 9 Fig. 10 Tools required Mark wall as required (see table 2) Drill holes Fit wall fixings and top screws - Ensure that any fixings you use are appropriate for the wall type. Secure hood (tighten all screws) Fit ducting adaptor IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNING: ONLY USE THE SCREWS PROVIDED WITH THE EXTRACTOR TO MOUNT THE DUCTING ADAPTOR. THE USE OF LONGER SCREWS MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE INTERNAL WIRING WHICH WILL NOT BE COVERED BY THE WARRANTY. Fig. 8 Fig. 6


14 - Page 14

14 Fig. 12 Fig. 13 Fig. 14 Mount upper and lower chimney brackets Fix ducting (seal joint) Mount the chimney Adjust and secure the chimney Fig. 11 E & O E. All instructions, dimensions and illustrations are provided for guidance only. CDA reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.


15 - Page 15

15 E & O E. All instructions, dimensions and illustrations are provided for guidance only. CDA reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice. A t t r i b u t e S y m b o l U n i t s Model Identification ECN62/72/92 ECP62/72/92 ECP92/102/112 Annual Energy Consumption AEC Hood 60 60 60 kWh Time increase factor f 1.7 1.7 1.7 FDE Hood 9.7 9.7 9.1 EEI Hood 88.1 88.1 88.1 Point Q BEP 227.7 227.7 219.2 m 3 /h Point P BEP 141.0 141.0 137.0 Pa Q w o fl r i a m u m i x a M MAX 390.8 390.8 377.2 m 3 /h Measured electric power at Best W BEP 92.2 92.2 91.61 W Nominal lighting po..

Customer Care Department - Page 16 Please contact our Customer Care Department for Service on the details below Customer Care Department The Group Ltd. • Harby Road • Langar • Nottinghamshire • NG13 9HY T : 01949 862 012 F : 01949 862 003 E : [email protected] Copyright © CDA 2016

Installation, Use and Maintenance