Strong Conax Cas7 Module Manual

Strong Conax Cas7 Module Manual

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Strong Conax Cas7 Module Cam

  • Company Name: Strong
  • Model : CONAX CAS7 Module
  • Type : Cam
  • Specifications : CONAX CAS7 Module Specs
  • User Manuals : Data Sheet... for Strong CONAX CAS7 Module Cam is avalable in English, Hungarian, German, Croatian for Free PDF Download
  • Updated On : Tuesday 7th of November 2017 05:21:34 PM

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Strong Conax Cas7 Module Specifications


Stream typeMPEG-4 and HD
Audio typesDolby, etc
StandardsDVB Common Interface standard and PCMCIA ISO/IEC EN50221 compliant Compliant with smart card ISO 7816-3 (T=0) RoHS directive 2002/95/EC compliant
System and MemoryeDRAM: 16 Mbits
ConnectorType: PCMCIA Type II
Power supply5 V from DVB-CI host
Weight46 g